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Or use Ananchor backlinks for free

Or use Ananchor backlinks for free



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Facebook   Adobe   Linkedin   Netflix   Uber

Can we Buy Backlinks?

You must be very careful buying links and if you do so you must assume that you can be penalized by Google and you may have to apply a Google Disavow if you have made a massive purchase of links.

If done well and strategically it works very well to increase visits and climb positions in Google.


*Tip: When you buy a link make sure it complies with Google’s policies and is totally White Hat.

Is it illegal to Buy Backlinks?

Surely you have heard before in linkbuilding campaigns the option to buy backlinks. And maybe you’ve heard it and immediately erased it from your mind… Or maybe you’ve been wondering if it’s really feasible and useful to buy links. Almost anyone who does SEO has thought about buying links at one time or another.

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this struggle. It is said that buying backlinks is against Google’s guidelines and that it is a Blackhat practice. But, as you will see, it is also less evil than you had previously thought, there are already several platforms to get those links, for example Ananchor.

According to Google, a paid link is the exchange of money for any link or post containing links. Even sending a free product to someone in exchange for a link violates these guidelines. This means that even sponsored posts, paid guest posts, and paid product reviews are against their guidelines. But, that doesn’t stop people from using them. As you’ll soon learn, there are safer forms of paid links.

Not all types of paid links are bad, in some cases, it’s just a matter of good math and finding the right link buying company. In the case of Ananchor, you don’t pay for the link, you pay for the link building, so YES, it is a totally permissible practice.

Is it a good idea to Buy cheap backlinks?

It is a good idea to buy cheap links as long as you know they are high quality backlinks.

If you’ve been involved in content marketing and the dissemination of your blog posts, you know how time-consuming this process can be. Imagine if you could outsource all of your off-page SEO, how much time would you free up to improve the quality of your content? Exactly.

Now you can see why buying backlinks is so attractive. Spend some money and the link is yours. There’s no outreach work. You don’t spend hours creating content…

How much does a backlink cost?

It depends, the price of each link or post will depend on many factors and can range from $10 to $2000 or more.

Sometimes it is better to buy one or two links than a hundred links. It all depends on the quality of these links. You can get one of our packs of backlinks here.

Is it worth paying for high quality backlinks?

Google knows which links are natural and which are artificial.

It doesn’t matter if they are in newspapers, in blogs of the same niche or in magazines that share the same topic or they cost you a lot of money. I will never recommend anyone to buy links from unreliable media or sites, because it is something similar to throwing our money away.

When Google detects one of these artificial links, it downgrades it. That is to say, it makes that link transmit absolutely nothing of strength to our Web page. So it is not worth paying for something, which really has no real function.

High Quality Custom Link Building Service Made Super Easy Using Our Panel

With Ananchor you will save hours and hours of work in creating those natural links that every project needs.

Everyone is focused on buying links in newspapers and blogs of great authority, but they forget about others that are also very important and give naturality to the link profile of your project and are 100% white-hat

These are the free hand-made ones. They are easy to get, but it takes several hours of work to create them.

Buying links has never been this easy.

More than 1000 customers have trusted us ⭐

Ananchor - Link building service

Save hours on your linkbuilding strategy

Link building is a practice that if done correctly it is possible to achieve completely natural patterns that pass the search engine’s filters. After all, your competitors are most likely all creating links, so it’s a practice you can’t ignore if you want to get the biggest market share.

The links in forums give signals that people are talking about you on-line, and not only the media and big blogs, and the comments, make the bots that follow the links notice, that the owners of the project are active on the Internet.

Buying these types of links can give you the boost you need for your project 🚀.

LinkBuilding Packs

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12 new links Every Month



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How does Ananchor Work?



Login to the dashboard. Next, click “Buy links”

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Here you can find our linkbuilding packs.

Choose the package you are interested in.

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Click on “Projects” and then on “+New Project”

step 4 ananchor - create your project


Create your project

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Project Name: Give a name to identify your project

Category: Choose the category you would like your links to be in

Project Description: Do you have something to say? Something we need to know? Let us know in this section!

URL:  Specify the URL you want to build backlinks to.

Number of Links: How many backlinks would you like for this URL?


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